Unilever has developed three new Ben & Jerry’s flavours this winter. The hero flavour, One Sweet World, is being launched in partnership of charity Hope, not hate, as part of the brand’s One Sweet World European social mission campaign.

The ice cream is packed with Fairtrade coffee and caramel ice cream, with marshmallow and salted caramel swirls, and proceeds will go to the charity, which is working to bring communities together.

Brand manager Alessandra Salvo said: “Our One Sweet World campaign has been created to encourage people to do their bit and unite to make our world a sweeter place. We believe that just like ice cream, communities come in all flavours and together we can build a more inclusive future for everyone!”

The brand is also launching Empower Mint featuring mint ice cream with chocolate brownies made at Greyston Bakery and a chocolate fudge swirl. Greyston is a social enterprise in Yonkers, New York, which supports people back into employment, by turning their lives around through training and education. Mint has proven a firm fan favourite, with limited edition winter flavour Minter Wonderland causing a sweet sensation last year.

The third new launch hitting freezer aisles this season is One Love, a real winter warmer which combines banana ice cream with caramel, cookie swirls and chocolate peace signs. Proceeds go to help fund the One Love Youth Camp in Jamaica, which supports young people, helping them to unlock their potential through music, dance and arts.

Salvo said: “We like to offer our fans something new for the autumn/winter season – we know that 65% of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is enjoyed whilst watching a favourite TV show or movie, an increased habit during the winter months. We hope this new Fairtrade line-up will surprise and delight our fans.”

Ben & Jerry’s One Sweet World, Empower Mint and One Love join the Classic range (500ml), with an rrp of £4.99.