Londis has now centralised its frozen offer in a move which retailers claim is helping them to achieve more frequent deliveries and additional loyalty payments.

It follows a £4m investment in its fleet to buy tri temperature vehicles, and the successful centralisation of Bonds sweets and bread earlier this year.

Londis claims the move is also giving them better margins, averaging at 2% more than the previous supplier.

The initiative was launched with the symbol group’s Andover depot, with orders exceeding forecast by almost 300%.

 “At our retailer conference, we promised retailers that this year would be game changing,” Scott Wharton, Londis sales director said. “With the investment behind the centralisation programme it is, giving retailers better margins, better service, the opportunity to have more deliveries and a greater payment back for loyalty in purchasing.”

Londis retailer David Driscoll from Fairwater, Cardiff, praised the development. 

“Being able to order my bread and frozen products directly from the depot now means I get an extra order each week. The tri temperature vehicles mean everything comes all at once, saving time for me and the team when we unload the deliveries,” he said.

The range contains more than 400 products including staple frozen lines such as chips and pizzas, with more to be added in coming months.