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Derbyshire retailer Dee Sedani is to switch his Etwall store from One Stop to Londis.

Dee, who changed the store to One Stop from Londis in December 2014, said it was “time for a change” at the site. Dee also operates sites in Matlock and Packmoor that will remain as One Stop.

“Londis is where I grew up,” he told Convenience Store. “It’s where I and many others became the retailers we are now, and I’m looking forward to an increased level of control over the store once we switch over. It was time for a change at the store.”

After spending nearly ten years as a One Stop site, the Etwall store will officially switch over on 19 July and will temporarily close for an extensive refit.

“We’ll be installing a new set of chillers to help us expand that category, add 100sq ft to the site, as well as install new lighting, ceiling and counters,” said Dee. “We’ll be spending around £70,000 in the refit.”

He said that customers are now aware that the store will be reopening as a Londis but that for many, the site was always known as “Londis”. “Even when we moved to One Stop, customers would always call it that!”

Although this site is moving on from One Stop, Dee praised the franchise operation for the near-decade relationship at Etwall.

“They’ve given us great support over the years and have some tremendous people working there. Our BDM in particular was a massive help to us.”