That necessary evil: insurance cover. Kiran Bhowan called the helpline from Waybest, his small c-store in Newham, East London. He had been with The Retail Mutual but when his cover was up for renewal, they appeared to not be interested. Odd because he had never made a claim so it was basically something for nothing.

Could I recommend someone else, he asked.

I couldn’t really…not having the experience of running a store, but I said I would research it. So off I go onto my favourite retailer site, Booker Symbols.

First reply came from Faraz Iqbal who recommended Insure Smart, an insurance broker in Fife (which works nationwide).

Jaz Khela recommended Brightside, located at Severn Bridge. And Aleem Aktar also suggested Insure Smart with a name of who to contact.

Within a day Kiran got back in touch to say that he had signed on with Insure Smart.