Does anyone know if anybody has been taken to court by any of the debt collectors working on behalf of finance companies (such as Bank of Scotland) in the case of defunct photocopy company Lanwall? I haven't heard of a single one, despite there being hundreds of threats.

Mohinder Singh would like to know as he has received a demand for 50% of the £4,539.69 remaining on his equipment finance arrangements. A new debt collector called KM Investigations wrote to Mo saying that, as of November 16, the debt owed to its client, Bank of Scotland, had been passed to them (so the debt collecting companies are selling on the debts; it's what they do when it gets too hard to collect). The new debt collector says it may issue legal proceedings.

Meanwhile, deals are on offer (half price if settled within 14 days, monthly payments).

The advice remains the same, though. To avoid a black mark write to the credit reference agencies and tell them this is in dispute, and tell the debt collectors to push off.

(For anyone who doesn't remember this dodgy deal: Lanwall promised to refund any shortfall in income in photocopy sales to make up the required monthly leasing costs. It never fulfilled this promise.)