And they are reneging on the deal for those previously exempt

Sagar Patel has added his voice to the growing complaints about Cardtronics reducing the transaction rate down by 65% for withdrawals from his Cashzone machine. He wrote to Cardtronics: “I seem to have erroneously received the letter attached to this email, which seeks a reduction in commissions paid per withdrawal on our rural ATM. Both Link and Cardtronics previously confirmed our store has been classified as a rural branch, ie 1km away from another ATM, and therefore Cardtronics receives increased interlink fees in order to allow our machine to be unaffected by these type of changes.

“Please could you confirm my contract remains unaffected.”

Sagar runs a Nisa Local & Post Office in Markyate, a small village in Hertfordshire and should therefore qualify.

He sent me a follow up email to say that he had heard from the head of sales and retentions and the gist of the conversation was that the cut would go ahead regardless of the protected status and increase in their commissions from Link. They said it is supposedly a temporary measure, which will eventually return back to normal once transaction volumes increase.

Sagar says: “I cannot leave CashZone as I am in a contract for a further three years. The CashZone letter was dated mid April, I asked why historical transactions ie from first of April to mid April were being reduced, as I would have assumed as a minimum transactions affected from the cut would be from the date of the letter onwards, the response was due to commissions not yet being paid, and when paid refers to the full month.”

He has asked Cardtronics if he can have this in writing – always a good idea.

And Taranjeet Singh says his ATM kept breaking down and now that people don’t want to handle cash, Cardtronics has put up the transaction fee. This leads to even fewer transactions and people no longer trust the machine to dispense the right amount. He wanted to quit without penalty. I contacted Cardtronics and they responded: “Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We have been in contact with Mr Singh, agreed next steps and have resolved this issue with him.”

Taranjeet confirmed that they had fixed the ATM but, as to the resolution…nope.