Raju Sachdev wrote from Ashton-Under-Lyne to say that his business was with E4B until it went into administration. “We received a final bill from the administrators in January for £ 3,954.27,” he adds.

“However, when we added the actual usage as per their statements, less money paid by direct debit, we owed £1,117.01. So we posted a cheque for £1,117.01 with all our calculations. But yesterday we received a notice of impending court action letter from their solicitors for £2,837.26.”

I told Raju that I believed the administrators were trying their luck as it is their job to reel in as much money as possible. I suggested a tough response, telling him to write back offering to see them in court where he would rigorously defend. I figure they will not want to spend money on going to court.

If they are serious about their claims they will contact Raju again and then it will be time to negotiate and possibly seek legal help. If anyone needs the latter then I would recommend Lawyers For Your Business, a 1,200-strong network of solicitors who will give you a free half-hour consultation. Their central number is 020 7405 9075. This switchboard will give you the number of the lawyer closest to you.