It's all very well the likes of us advising retailers to get their notice in, in order to switch to a cheaper energy supplier, but sometimes it takes months of hassle to make it happen.

John Stone, who runs Bampton Village Store in the Cumbrian village of the same name, has been phoning and writing to British Gas, his current supplier, and Total Gas & Power, his chosen future supplier. Getting his meter changed would appear to be far harder than rocket science.

John's report to me amounted to 12 explanatory paragraphs Lordy knows how the reality added up in man-hours. He also sent "a wonderfully worded reply from British Gas", which thanks him for bringing the matter to its attention. A little action would be good.

Hang in there, John. I received an email just the other day from Teresa Marshall who writes: "You may remember me writing to you in April over my attempts to get my final electric bill rebilled at the contracted rates.

"Finally, after much letter writing, and the intervention of my MP David Laws, Southern Electric agreed to re-bill me at the contracted rates."

Yes, it's probably a lot easier to move mountains but Teresa proves it can be done.