And certainly every £20-30 quid counts. Douglas Gill, who runs Doug 'n Di's in Stockport, has been in business for 20 years. Over that time he's had to watch superstores springing up all around him. So far he has managed to stay afloat, but says it is touch and go. He shops at his local Booker cash and carry and finds it handy that Booker takes credit cards, which he says helps him manage his cash flow as it gives him a few weeks 'free'.

"But they have just put signs up to say that they now charge 1% for taking credit cards," he tells me.

"In this area we are all struggling to survive in the shadow of a new Tesco," adds Douglas. "There people can go in and spend £20 on a credit card with no extra charge, whereas if I go to Booker and spend thousands, I am charged 1%."

In fact, he spends £2,000-£3,000 a week at Booker, a lot of it on cigarettes which, as we all know, have wafer-thin margins. "The extra cost means a further burden on us. It means I'm going to have to shop more carefully now."

Douglas thinks that he may have to revert to the way it was done in the old days - 'cash and carry' - and that he might have to go cherry-picking around the other cash and carries in the area, too