Aris Ahmed, who runs Ahmed’s News in Coventry, first rang late in December to say that his PayZone terminal had been out of action for 10 days or so, during which time the engineers had been to and fro, trying to fix it. Meanwhile, Alphyra had helped itself to an extra £200 because it had to rely on estimates of transactions – there being no proper records because the PayZone machine was down.

Aris faxed me a load of paperwork that showed Alphyra had requested till rolls, which he had duly sent. These had somehow got lost along the way and Aris felt he was banging his head against a brick wall trying to get his story through to someone and his money back. “I got the impression they just wanted me to go away,” he said.

So I rang them. Alphyra was perfectly happy to investigate and within a week it was all cleared up and Aris reported back to say he was delighted with our service and would like others to know.