To say that Scott Dodds' relationship with his news supplier did not go well for the first two months is something of an understatement. By the time he contacted Convenience Store he despaired of ever getting news supplies to his Hartsholme Store in Lincoln, despite Smiths News having cashed his £1,700 deposit a couple of weeks after he first contacted it.

Picking through the saga he sent us, I see that he chased Smiths with four phone calls before supplies were scheduled. He got a partial delivery (no Sun) so was back on the phone, only to be told that he needs to contact News International for copies of The Sun. "Surprise, surprise," he says, "another deposit required".

However, he adds this was money well spent as it all went according to plan and he has no issues with NI.

The following week he sees 'exceeds supply' written on the returns section of his delivery notice. He rings up again, only to learn that he had been returning more than had been delivered because, according to Smiths' records, he had not been receiving supplies at all.

"So I say, then who's driving the Smiths van saying good morning to me when he gives me the papers at 6am every day?" He was promised a call back, but six weeks later hadn't received one.

He was subsequently told that he hadn't paid his deposit (he had) and then that he hadn't paid his direct debit (he had) so supplies were blocked. At this point Scott was convinced he was actually dealing with a circus rather than a wholesaler.

I contacted Smiths and a spokesperson said: "We are unhappy to hear that Mr Dodds has been experiencing problems. We always strive to provide the best service to our retailers. We are investigating and will contact him directly."

And this they did. A day later Scott was more than happy with all the communication he was receiving.