In our last issue Budhu Mal wondered if I knew of a software package that he could use to manage his newspapers and magazines. He wanted something he could load onto a laptop that would do all the price changes, holiday stops and starts and so on, electronically. I’m happy to say that I’ve had tremendous feedback on this.

Several of you recommended News Slave. 

Chris Love in Central Scotland, who has a stand-alone computer, says: “It’s brilliant. Saves four to five hours a week. Just push a button.”

Mary Kingham, who runs Sunnyhill News in Derby and doesn’t have epos, also says: “It’s brilliant. I’m not computer literate and I get along with it like a house on fire.” She pays a monthly fee of around £24 for it which included some training.

And Adrian, who wrote comprehensively on email, said he had been using News Slave for about 20 years, supplied by a company called Norcon Computers. “The contact number is 0870 766 2726. The staff are excellent, and always helpful. If there are any problems, the system can be accessed remotely by them, which does speed up the process considerably,” he says.

“It handles all our news rounds, holidays and shop saves and will produce monthly invoices. It has detailed history of items charged and price changes can be done rectrospectively if missed.”

He runs it as part of his epos system, and adds: “As for not taking an epos system on grounds of cost, it can prove very cost effective. Our epos enables us to easily see the margins of items and to adjust the RRP if needed, and with scanning it does remove the majority of the human error price mistakes.”

Another option is InfoStore software. M Wright from Chesterfield writes: “We have used InfoStore for a number of years to run our newsagents. It does all the tasks that Budhu Mal requires. There is a yearly licensing fee which is reasonable for the back up service that is provided. We have had no complaints in the nine years we have used it.”

The contact number for this one is 07944 592148.