BBC Wales has revealed new evidence to support ex-subpostmasters who blamed glitches in their Horizon computer system for lost livelihoods and prison sentences.

The investigative programme Taro Naw (Strike Now) has been collecting evidence for months from across the country from ex-subpostmasters and those still with post offices but paying for unexplained losses out of their own pockets.

This column offered to trawl for evidence for the S4C TV programme that was finally broadcast on September 8, but Taro Naw declined the advance publicity because the programme-makers were keen to keep the story from rivals.

In the end they had a cracking programme which started with former postmaster Noel Thomas from Anglesey, who claims he was wrongly imprisoned three years ago when misbalances reached £48,000. He discovered others of good character in similar situations and realized there must be substance to the claims.

"The Post Office denies any problems with its computer system," reported Taro Naw, "but how then can they explain all these similar cases in villages, towns and cities across Britain?"

Clwyd West MP David Jones said: "I am going to ask for a debate at the House of Commons."

Taro Naw interviewed 31 other postmasters past and present who had similar complaints, with more names still coming in. The postmasters all blame the computer system for unexplained misbalances and complain that the Post Office doesn't take their concerns seriously and fails to investigate sufficiently.

Some have paid money to the Post Office sometimes to the tune of thousands of pounds just to balance the books so they can open the following morning.

Others have refused to pay the money back to the PO and have been suspended, lost their contract and in some cases been prosecuted through the courts.

This brings me to ex-subpostmaster Lee Castleton, who was also featured on the Welsh broadcast. The 39-year-old former postmaster was declared bankrupt after he refused to pay the Post Office £27,000, money the company said he owed because the accounts of his Post Office branch in Bridlington, Yorkshire, showed deficits over a 12-week period in 2004.

Lee denies any wrongdoing and is still hoping to clear his name. He wants to personally hear from any other retailers who have had problems with Horizon. His telephone number is 07989 429695.

Come on guys, get in touch.