Subhash Varambhia writes from Snutch Newsagents in Leicester: "Following your article (on possible Ukash vouchers fraud) I was in Maplin Electronics and what I saw shocked me and may be the answer to your query."

My query was could the 'customer' have used a hidden camera to dupe a retailer?

What Subhash saw was a pen with a video recorder built into its top, costing just £75, and an object looking like a car key holder, with a video recorder, on sale for £45.

Subhash adds on dealing with Ukash vouchers: "On the practical side of using the voucher terminal, it has three safety/ barrier hoops and the fourth and the final hoop asks the retailer 'Have you received the cash?' and only then you press to confirm the sale. Our practice is to treat all transactions over £20 with caution or as suspect. Our polite excuse to the customer is that our terminal has a maximum bar of £20."

So, altogether now: first the cash and then the Ukash.

Subhash also gets the final word: "Dare I say... The service providers are terrible (my word, not his) when it comes to refunds. It is easy/simple for them to tell a retailer that the voucher has been used... we the retailers have no way of checking the truth."