We've just room for a little plug for Peter Levene, ex-c-store retailer turned author. His Clearneasy titles range from a yearly accounts book (£7.95 and easy as ABC) to online versions and desktop organisers.

He has sent me his Organiser for Financial Year 2009/2010. I'm a sucker for diaries - especially those with extra info. Extras include tax bands, NI contributions, how your estate is divided up if you die intestate, postal info, a holiday planner, the sporting calendar, weights and measures, dialling codes, religious holidays and a three-year calendar taking you up to December 2011 - a wonderful collection of necessary trivia and, at less than £8, a bargain.

My only quibble: it doesn't give me the distance between London and Plymouth and I'm going there for the first week in June. Annual hols! You can leave a message on my answerphone that week if you need me.

And you can ring Peter on 01273 605696 or email peter@clearneasy.freeserve.co.uk