In the last issue I asked if anyone fancied a fortnight on a busman's holiday, running a village store in Hampshire for Geoff and Lyn Porteus so they could get a much-needed break to recharge their batteries.

Lyn rang just a couple of days after the magazine came out to say thanks and that they had received four replies and now had a holiday sorted.

Then I got another call, from Libby Gilbert who runs Topshop News in Scarborough. She offered a couple of names, including Ian and Gail Meldrum who run a company called National Relief. I spoke to Ian and he said that he and Gail will cover most of England and Wales and that they specialise mainly in newsagents and small c-stores, including those that are licensed. You can call them on 0798 886 9841, or email them at

Now then, anyone fancy two weeks at a desk groaning with retailer problems. Nice view of a bulletin board with deadlines stuck all over it. Hardly ever get to meet real live people face to face, but shedloads of telephone work. Any takers? Thought not.