I asked if anyone else had suffered losses from their bank account in London’s Woolwich area following the case of Naresh Sandhir, who lost £8,000 in a week from four deposits to cover PayPoint, Lottery and bus passes at his local Halifax branch.

Nimish Patel in nearby Greenwich also lost £3,000 that he had deposited to cover PayZone and Lottery monies at around the same time in July, and at the same branch.

Kiran Patel, who runs Lakeside News in West Thurrock near Dartford, rang to say he had suffered losses at his local Halifax branch and so had the Chinese takeaway next door. However, they were small losses in comparison. He alleges: “They never counted the money in front of you and it was always a bit short.” He has returned to NatWest.

Meanwhile, Naresh has reported back that police have told him that four more customers of the Halifax in Woolwich have complained, making six cases altogether. Now the police are interested and Halifax is “helping with enquiries”. Naresh, who has closed his account, is going to pursue the case further through his MP.