I do wonder about some companies' customer services. Ashok Ramalingam, who runs a Best One store at Gravesend in Kent, could get no satisfaction from ADT Fire and Security.

He had signed up for one year's alarm service having been told at the time that, with sufficient notice, he would not get subsequently rolled over onto a four-year contract when the first year ran out.

Mindful of this he wrote to cancel, enclosing a cheque which was cashed. In other words, the company received the notification. Unfortunately, this information didn't seem to reach the accounts department and Ashok subsequently found himself caught up in one of those tedious loops where he kept talking to different people and getting nowhere.

He got in touch with me, I got in touch with ADT and that seems to have worked a treat. "It took me eight months to get this far," he told me, "but after your call it took only two days to get the situation sorted."

What this tells me is that ADT values the convenience market, so it cares about what may be printed about it. Not only has the company promised to terminate Ashok's contract but a spokeswoman also said: "We are currently trying to make customer contact easier."