In our last issue I asked, on Nigel Riley’s behalf, whether anyone else had been short-changed on vouchers that had been passed to the handling house via wholesaler WH Smith. I cannot say that feedback has flooded in but Caroline Darrall from Quorn in Leicestershire emailed with a very similar experience. She writes: “Nigel is not alone – I have been short-credited almost every week for months now. It is always Telegraph vouchers (we don’t put Times vouchers through WH Smith).

I get the same response as Nigel (envelope scanned as found). Even today my credits have come back three vouchers short, totalling £3.08. Why should the retailer keep standing the cost when we give credit to the customer in all good faith?”

She adds that her shorts can be anything from one to 18 vouchers. Even weekly ones go missing, which are worth £5.86. “I find this strange as I have 48 weekly books and send the same amounts in every week and yet they still insist they received only 47 vouchers.”

Caroline says she ties the vouchers together with elastic bands in bundles no greater than 50, writes the amount on the top voucher and keeps bundles separate according to type of voucher, for example, Sat/Sun/Mon-Fri.

“I think the next step is to go and do the scanning for them at NCH, as I feel I have done the biggest part of their job already.”

Caroline has a final tip for Nigel and anyone else in this situation. “If you contact The Telegraph direct they will on occasion give credit for the missing vouchers. It would also help them to know that I am not the only one that WH Smith and NCH are not crediting.” Action stations then!