All too soon it will be time to replace the batteries in the flashing reindeer earrings, dust off the glitter balls and put up the paper chains. Yes, it's coming soon to a store near you... actually, hopefully, yours.

I know, it kind of messes up the planogram-perfect place that you have carefully designed to entice the customer, draw him or her round the store in shopper-seller harmony and bring to happy exchange-of-money conclusion at till. But, you know, it's Christmas soon and those ruddy decorations need to go up.
An email query from Chris Ray regarding cheap and cheerful decorations got me Googling. In the past, Chris has decorated his Bristol store with garden centre-bought garlands trussed up in wire, sealing tape and wax and so on. He wondered whether there was a good dedicated supplier of store-sized ornaments.
My first suggestion was that he approach local schools and get a competition going where the kids design and construct some big-style popcorn and paper chains, wire hangings and so on for a Christmas prize (plus resultant good local publicity). I still think this is a good idea for some stores, but I also found a company website - - which looks like it has the season totally wrapped up (and in sparkly foil too). If anyone else knows of good suppliers, do let me know.