Lesley Brown from Frankmarsh Stores in Devon is keen to hone up her staffs’ skills and went surfing on the Skillsmartretail.com website to see what tools were available. 

“I was very interested in the seven CD-ROMs you can purchase for £90 to carry out staff training, but as I’m not too confident about buying online I decided to ring them and  buy them over the phone,” she writes.

“When I rang the number on the website the lady did not have a clue what I was talking about.”

Her contact checked with a supervisor in the office and rang back, but still didn’t seem to be able to take an order. 

“She said again she would make some enquiries and ring back. That was over a week ago and I’m still waiting. Perhaps you can get to the bottom of this and perhaps Skillsmart needs to review how easy it is to purchase these CD-ROMs.”

I went through it with Skillsmart and it was just one more button that Lesley needed to push. You have to fill in the order form online and either email it or print it and post it to the address shown. 

The lady at Skillsmart added that the CDs are actually Retail Academy products, and Skillsmart just processes the order – once it gets the form that is.