Alan Taylor, director at energy broker Utilities Savings Corporation, was very disappointed by this column two issues back which featured Zac Hussain's complaint that his energy bill went up instead of down after using its NFRN-recommended services.

"We immediately investigated and we were not surprised that it was in no way an error on our behalf," he writes. "The member signed a letter of authority with us on March 19. It was received on March 23 and was filed with his supplier EDF the very next day. EDF replied to our request for contract information and confirmed direct with us that Mr Hussain was in contract until March 31, 2011. Unfortunately Mr Hussain had been rolled over as he had not given EDF a notice to terminate his supply in time."

Taylor explained that EDF has a 28-day notice period. The onus was on Zac to notify EDF directly. By the time Zac signed with USC he was already three weeks past his termination date.

USC also wanted to point out that it works with 95% of supply companies and can therefore search the market offering its clients competitive prices. He concludes: "We have many case studies and testimonials where we have saved retailers considerable amounts of money; in some cases actually stopping the business from collapsing."