I wrote in my last column by all means save energy, save money and help save the planet just be careful who you partner with.

This brought agreement from Brian O'Hagan, who works in the business and is mindful of the pitfalls this complicated new market can exploit.

"You rightly pointed out in your article that retailers should be diligent before engaging with any company that is involved in the 'business energy management' category. It is absolutely critical for retailers to seek out the right partner in this arena, a partner that will take the time to understand their business and what solutions are relevant for them."

He adds: "There is a lot of noise and chatter around this area at the moment and it can lack clarity, structure and, most importantly, relevance to the retailer's individual needs. All too often people can sign up to something that they don't really need because the people selling the solutions have not tried to understand the retailer's business and their immediate, medium and long-term objectives around what they want to achieve from an energy efficiency plan."

Brian O'Hagan is no stranger to the independent retail market. "I am very passionate about working in the convenience sector after many fulfilling years running the commercial functions of Cuisine de France and Delice de France. I have excellent and long-standing relationships with many customers in this area. These relationships were developed over a long time and were maintained and nurtured through the professionalism and dedication of my team whom I always directed to focus on delivering excellent customer service."

All of this, he says, he will apply to his new venture, ecomonitor. "In my view there has been a gap between the people who understand energy saving and those who understand retail, and that is where ecomonitor is different."

To sum up, there is no blueprint, no one size fits all and too many big energy names already flogging packages and promising savings. There won't always be savings.