Have any of you received a solicitor's letter on behalf of Medina Dairy, demanding sums of around £300+ to prevent court proceedings? I ask because a retailer, who wishes to remain anonymous, has received such a letter and believes there are others in the same boat.

He told me: "I mentioned my letter to the manager at my local Booker (Norfolk) and he tells me that he has heard of three other shopkeepers who have had similar. My sister has her own business in a different town, and was also sent one."

On top of this he has heard of a handful of others through a buying group. All the demands are about £300 and were all received by previous customers dating back a bit.

I have a copy of the solicitor's letter and it says that Medina had recently served a statutory demand on the business. But the retailer had received no such demand (you have to sign for statutory demands so you would notice). Statutory notices are nasty things. If you get one, you need to respond. Ignore it and you could end up bankrupted.

But the retailer says: "No, I have definitely never had a statutory demand from anyone."

He did some online research to reassure himself that Medina will have to prove it and since he has kept all his invoices and final settlement payments when he stopped dealing with them in 2007, he is on pretty solid ground.

It pays to keep such records, although it sounds as though Medina's admin could do with an overhaul.