Staff at a Warwickshire c-store had to be rescued by police after they were left locked in a storeroom overnight by armed robbers.
The raiders struck at the One Stop store in Binley Woods, just after 11pm, threatening two staff members, and locking them in the storeroom before making off with an undisclosed amount of cash.
The members of staff were finally found and released when an alert motorist spotted the store’s door was open.
Police reported that the two sales assistants were left shaken but uninjured by
the incident.

A Leicestershire-based c-store owner has told a court how he disarmed a gun-toting robber who had been pointing the firearm in his face and demanding money.
Darshan Dass was working in Onkar General Store in Hinckley, when the man, brandishing a replica shotgun, walked into the store and ordered him to open the till.
However, Darshan snatched the gun and followed the robber at a distance back to his flat.
The retailer then called the police to the address, where William Matts was picked up.
Leicester Crown Court jailed Matts, who pleaded guilty to the robbery, for three years and nine months, while awarding Darshan £250 for his “exemplary courage”.

A c-store owner, who was hit over the head with a hammer during a robbery on his Wiltshire-based store, has demanded that a judge should throw the book at his alleged attacker.
Azim Khan, who runs the Khan Convenience Store in Swindon, was attacked by Carl Brown after refusing Brown permission to use the store’s phone. Brown then fled the premises.
Azim said, “This was a horrifying attack and it is vitally important that justice is seen to be done.”