If you suspect a member of staff is stealing and you want conclusive proof before accusing anyone, realigning existing or adding extra CCTV cameras may be required. Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you must let your staff know that surveillance is taking place. You may only place covert cameras if you believe that informing your staff of them would prejudice your investigation, and you must remove them once the matter has been resolved. 

You can introduce a searching policy for staff, but you will need their consent. If a staff member refuses a search, disciplinary action can be taken against them. 

A suspected staff member may be suspended from work during the course of your investigation. However, this is on full pay and it would have to be made clear that the suspension is not a disciplinary action (Employment Act 2008).

If you have conclusive evidence that a member of your staff is stealing from you, they are not entitled to notice and can be dismissed immediately for gross misconduct.

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