Haribo, the UK’s number one sweets manufacturer,  has unveiled its range of Christmas treats, with three new additions joining the festive range.

The company is launching its first ever Starmix Christmas Tree Decoration, a Sweet Medley gift box and Giant Trees, a new festive sweet pack.

Claire Caley, seasonal brand manager at Haribo, said: “Haribo is the largest non-chocolate manufacturer at Christmas and this year’s range demonstrates why! We have a fantastic line-up that offers themed treats and popular products in formats that drive sales and deliver for consumers in the run up to and throughout the festive season.”

The new Haribo Sweet Medley (540g) includes Tangfastics, Starmix, Super Mix, Giant Strawberries, Jelly Babies and Goldbears, designed to target the growing market for large sharing sweet packs.

The company is hoping its new Starmix decoration (50g) will draw customer’s attention away from chocolate alternatives in the confectionary category.

The new Giant Trees packs (70g) are Strawberry flavoured and designed to drive impulse sales over the festive period.

The three new seasonal treats will join the brand’s existing Christmas range, including Christmas Crackers, Gift Tubes and Boxes. Limited edition Starmixmas packs are also returning to shelves over the next few months.