Booker is launching an ‘Even Bigger POR’ campaign to help retailers make more profit.

For the next six months, from May 19 to November 3, wholesaler sales prices will be coming down on some of Booker’s most popular selling brands, to enable retailers to get even bigger profit on return. This campaign is also available to retailers using Makro stores.

Steve Fox, retail group sales director, said: “I believe this is fantastic news for independent retailers as it is straight forward price reductions to give customers more profits.

“To ensure that every one of our retailers do not miss this opportunity to boost their profits, each product with an even bigger POR has a special shelf edge label to highlight it to them. I would encourage all independent retailers to visit their local branch to see how we are helping them make more profit during 2015.”

Booker has also refreshed its Butcher’s Market range of fresh meat to introduce a variety of new products, as well as improved packaging.

The new and improved packaging now includes better pack sizes and clearer colour coded labels for easy on-shelf identification. The pricemarks and pack sizes have been benchmarked against the wider market to ensure that the range offers the best possible value for both retailers and shoppers like.

Chicken thighs and whole chickens are just some of its newly added lines, and every product in the range offers a minimum of 25% profit on return to the retailer.

Steve Fox, retailer sales director, said: “The new refreshed packaging and the additional products help our customers offer a full choice of fresh meats that are pre-packed and price-marked to help them operate an efficient business.”