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    Cracking Easter sales


    Easter sales were still sweet at Paul Hudson’s Spar store despite the chilly weather.

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    Spring fever


    Sunder celebrates a cracking Easter at his Londis store in Headington, Oxfordshire

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    School breakfast


    A link-up with her local school in Edinburgh has got children eating healthier and raised Linda Williams’ store profile.

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    The Buyco issue


    Editor David Rees addresses questions arising from the Costcutter/P&H deal.

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    Team work


    Londis retailer Sunder Sandher is working with staff and suppliers to increase sales at his Headington store.

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    Seasonal sales


    Sussex Budgens retailer David Knight has been working harder to capitalise on events in the 2013 calendar.

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    Shaping the debate


    Retailers and other communities stakeholders have to step up and make themselves heard on crime and other issues like neighbourhood planning, says ACS chief executive James Lowman.

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    Fresh meat


    Plans for a butchery counter couldn’t have come at a better time, says Spar retailer Paul Hudson.

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    Celebrating longevity


    Linda Williams is celebrating 30 years’ trade at Broadway Convenience, Edinburgh.

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    Spring loaded


    Sunder Sandher is prepared for spring and hoping sales will bloom at Londis Headington.

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    On a roll(over)


    The government’s recognition that local shops should be given more protection is a step forward and welcome reward for all of you, says ACS chief executive James Lowman.

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    Let it snow


    “All we need is snow to help things along” was Budgens retailer David Knight’s most quoted phrase…and then it came.

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    New Year cheer


    Sunder Sandher celebrates a sensational holiday season, but pledges to stock more for this year.

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    Stick or twist?


    Making an investment in developing a better store would normally be a no-brainer. But the prospect of a multiple opening up nearby means best-laid plans can be undermined before you start, says editor David Rees.

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    Policy Watch


    There are several key issues on the policy horizon that will be central to our agenda over the next 12 months, says James Lowman.

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    Welcome to 2013


    This year could be a momentous one for UK retail, says editor David Rees.

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    Tackling workplace bullying


    If we witness workplace bullying and do not challenge it, we become complicit in the act, says community liaison manager Caroline Bosworth.

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    Festive frenzy


    Christmas goods have been selling well since September at Sunder Sandher’s Londis store.

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    Planning for Christmas


    At this point you realise that all the Christmas planning in the world will not give that magical answer, says Budgens retailer David Knight.

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    Plain thinking


    It’s about time that the real world had at least some connection with government policy, says editor David Rees