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    Evaluating the rates conundrum


    Will you be a winner or a loser from the delay in the rates revaluation, asks James Lowman

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    High street survival


    Retailer Dan Cock warns that government needs to act, or more stores of all sizes will go the way of Comet.

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    Regulate to accumulate


    It is time for action on the whole culture of regulation, says editor David Rees.

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    Reaching out


    Engaging with the local community has never been so important, says community liaison manager Caroline Bosworth

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    Spooky sales boost


    David Knight has taken some bold moves to turn around previous frightful Halloween sales

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    Must try harder


    Half term is coming for schoolchildren across the country, so we thought it was time for a half-term report on the government, says editor David Rees

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    Make 'small' crimes a big issue


    With the Police and Crime Commissioner elections upcoming, retailer Anjali Karpal calls for more action on minor crime

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    Monopoly rules


    Only radical action can change attitudes in the news and magazines market, says James Lowman

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    Lucky draw


    Devon retailer Dan Cock feels like he’s won the lottery now he’s received his new Camelot terminal

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    A chilling tale


    Londis retailer Sunder Sandher narrowly avoids disaster when his new chillers break down.

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    Make your own destiny


    We are all in a dangerous market for so many reasons, but our biggest potential threat is ourselves, says award-winning retailer David Knight.

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    Shooting blanks


    A campaign to force retailers to stock shooting magazines on the top shelf is ludicrous, says Anjali

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    Slow progress


    It’s been nearly two years since Costcutter executive chairman Colin Graves stood up at the group’s annual conference…

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    Olympic spirit


    C-stores can learn a lot from the ‘can do’ attitude of the Olympics, says HIM’s managing director Tom Fender.

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    Message to George


    Give the tools to local shops to rebuild the economy, says James Lowman of ACS

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    Chiller changes


    Sunder is set to cut electricity costs at his Londis store in Headington thanks to new equipment

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    Planning for the future


    It is a constant source of amazement to me just how much store building is being carried out by the multiple grocers.

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    Missing out on a golden opportunity


    David Knight is concerned about the precedent set by Olympic marketing dos and don’ts

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    In the running


    There can be no doubt which is the major topic of conversation in homes, offices and retail checkout queues this week: Olympic fever

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    Planning for Diverse Local Centres


    Our new guide, Planning for Diverse Local Centres, attempts to explain and simplify the new planning regime.