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    New and novel


    Sunder Sandher looks at new products for the summer to tempt his customers.

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    Making headlines


    Retailers need to take a common sense approach to displaying lads mags in their store.

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    Diversifying Services


    Retailers have an opportunity to differentiate by offering additional services such as parcel collection and delivery.

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    No sweat


    Sunder Sandher’s quick reactions made the most of the heatwave at his Londis stores.

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    Covering all bases


    The Co-op’s lads’ mags ‘cover up’ ultimatum is a form of responsible retailing, says editor David Rees.

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    Back to school blues


    Autumn is a tricky time for families, so c-stores need to prepare, says HIM’s Natalie Goodridge.

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    Crime fighting


    ACS is lobbying MPs on the Anti-Social Behaviour Bill, but retailers concerned about recent developments need to focus on local engagement too, says James Lowman.

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    Not to be tolerated


    We need a clear signal from the government that retail and retailers are worth protecting from shoplifting, says editor David Rees.

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    All systems go


    Londis retailer Sunder Sandher gets the green light for a 24-hour alcohol licence at his Headington store.

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    Silly season


    Contemplating two seasons in one day can be a challenge for retailers, says Budgens retailer David Knight.

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    Anti-social amendments


    It’s a shame the government has undermined positive measures in the Anti-Social Behaviour Bill by introducing a last-minute clause, says James Lowman.

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    Happy holidays


    A sunny long weekend helped sales to soar at Sunder’s Londis store in Headington.

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    Face time


    Face-to-face relationships with reps are irreplaceable, argues Premier Edinburgh retailer Linda Williams.

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    Inside Parliament


    The ACS gives evidence to MPs on the challenges facing the industry.

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    Show business


    Londis retailer Sunder Sandher has been getting the most out of contacts gained at the NCS.

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    Point of difference


    As the maket matures, we all need to understand what makes us different in order to survive, says Budgens retailer David Knight.

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    Planning powers


    The vision, and the will, for a thriving high street needs to come from the top, says editor David Rees.

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    Minimum requirement


    If the government really thinks small businesses are the driving force for economic growth then it needs to scrap business rates, or freeze the minimum wage, or both, says editor David Rees.

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    Embracing the future


    Effective engagement is the key to facing the challenges ahead, says ACS chief executive James Lowman.

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    A One Stop solution


    Whether a One Stop franchise turns out to be a good option for independents in the long run will obviously depend on the business model, says editor David Rees.