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    What communities want


    The overall message of a new ACS report is simple - people want diversity on their high streets, says chief executive James Lowman.

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    Targets within our sights


    In terms of the targets for Ramesh’s relaunched and enlarged store, there is real light at the end of the tunnel.

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    Building our defences


    Aldi is expected to submit its plans in the next few weeks, but Linda Williams’ Premier store is in a strong position to hold its ground - if the worst comes to the worst.

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    Why meals need to be a focus


    The ‘meal for tonight’ and ‘food to go’ missions are seeing the strongest growth year-on-year, says HIM’s Sarah Ashworth.

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    Brand new levies


    Mandatory plastic bag charges is one piece of regulation which the ACS is fully supportive of, says chief executive James Lowman.

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    Learning and growing


    Up until now Ramesh and his team been firefighting – with the size of the store and the introduction of the post office a dramatic change – but now things are finally starting to settle down.

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    Let services work for your business


    Using services to drive footfall is as relevant today as it’s ever been, says HIM’s Molly Wilmot.

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    Open for business


    The official opening of Ramesh Shingadia’s revamped Londis Southwater store took place on a recent Saturday, following months of hard work.

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    Investing for success


    Premier retailer Linda Williams is full of plans for her Edinburgh store to ensure it’s more than a match for Aldi.

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    Don't neglect store ambience


    The in-store experience and environment are becoming the new differentiator for shoppers, says HIM's Daron Gonzales.

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    Positive energy


    Convenience store owners are no better placed to deal with energy companies than domestic consumers, says ACS chief executive James Lowman.

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    Taking the plunge


    Londis retailer Ramesh Shingadia’s decision to expand his store has been both the hardest and most exciting thing he has done as a retailer.

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    Up and running


    Since Budgens retailer David Knight opened his second store, customer reaction and sales have been very encouraging.

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    When thoughts turn to spring


    At this time of year it’s important for retailers to ensure their store is fit to take advantage of shoppers’ optimism, says HIM’s Blake Gladman.

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    Reducing the strength


    An Ipswich scheme to tackle street drinking has been a success, but clarity is needed to ensure such schemes are rolled out effectively elsewhere, James Lowman argues.

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    Standing out from the crowd


    Londis retailer Sunder Sandher discusses some ideas to get you ahead of the competition.

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    Maximising events


    Events are a great way for retailers to drive footfall and create in-store theatre, says HIM’s Molly Wilmot.

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    Waiting for the Budget


    The Chancellor’s Budget will hold more interest than usual for retailers this year, says James Lowman.

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    Decision time


    Sunder has to choose between fighting the growing competition or selling his Londis Headington store to Café Nero.

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    Fighting our corner


    Like many independent retailers, Edinburgh retailer Linda Williams is facing the prospect of a multiple competitor opening on her doorstep.