Bestway Wholesale has announced it is introducing Apple Pay in its Abbey Road depot from October 14.

The innovation means the wholesaler can now offer customers the opportunity to pay for goods using their iPhones or iWatches in depot rather than carrying their payment cards or cash.

Unlike other Apple Pay systems operating in the UK, Bestway’s terminal will have no ceiling on how much a customer can spend, giving them complete control over their purchasing.

Dawood Pervez, marketing director at Bestway Wholesale, said: “Bestway customers have a much higher usage rate of Apple products than consumers in general. When we launched the Bestway mobile app we did so knowing that 85% of customers have Apple rather than Android devices. The launch of Apple Pay in depot is a natural progression to add convenience to our customers’ business lives and further establish Bestway as their wholesaler of choice.”

In addition to providing added convenience for customers, Dawood also said the launch would speed up transaction times and time spent in depot as the terminal, although able to accept other contactless payment methods, will be used exclusively for Apple Pay customers. He hopes this will lead to less queuing times allowing retailers to spend less time in depot and more time in their stores.