Alan Mosley, who runs Woodsetts Post Office & General Store in Woodsetts, near Worksop, Nottinghamshire, has been crowned winner of the second Mint Condition competition, sponsored
by Wrigley.
Alan wins money-can't-buy advice plus a business report from leading entrepreneur and star of BBC2's Dragon's Den, Duncan Bannatyne.
"We desperately need help to attract throughput in our efforts to remain viable and continue doing what we really enjoy," Alan told
C-Store. "We have tried a few different ideas of our own with limited success, so we'd really benefit from Duncan's help."
The entries were judged by Duncan Bannatyne, Convenience Store features editor Amy Lanning and Wrigley's communications manager Alex MacHutchon. Bannatyne said: "Alan seems to have a good understanding of business and has obviously worked hard to get his store to where it is today. But it's clear that he needs some help taking the store to the next level and making it truly profitable.
"He definitely has the enthusiasm to get things done and I hope to be able to channel this into some easy-to-implement ideas."
MacHutchon added: "We received a real variety of entries this year, all wanting Duncan's advice but for very different reasons. What stood out about Alan's entry was that it was clear he had tried a number of things to get customers into his store but without success. Hopefully, Duncan's fresh pair of eyes and expert advice will give him the solutions he needs."
Convenience Store will report on Duncan's visit to Alan's business in a future issue.