Manchester store owner Shumaila Malik's campaign for government funding to help retailers protect themselves against crime is featured on national television today (June 12).

Shumaila's husband Aamir, who runs Withington Costcutter with her, was attacked twice in the space of six months last year. On both occasions, Aamir was hospitalised and in the second instance was forced to take eight weeks off work due to his injuries.

These incidents prompted Shumaila to contact her local MP John Leech and local police, which led to an added police presence in the area.

However, Shumaila wants more assistance from the government when it comes to crime. "We're offering a community service and we're given no help from the government for security," she said. "We work hard day and night, but the government doesn't seem to want to help us.

"The attacks could easily happen to us again and leave us unable to provide for our family."

Shumaila's campaigning has taken her to the House of Commons where she spoke to MPs and peers about retail crime and what she believes should be done about it.

"Our main goal is the development of a government-subsidised fund for retailers to install security systems in their stores," she said. "A lot of retailers don't have the money to either install or upgrade security systems and that is leaving us vulnerable to crime."

She encouraged C-Store readers to support her campaign by reporting all crimes, no matter how insignificant they may seem. "It's something I would urge all independent retailers to do as it is our livelihoods at stake. By reporting all crime, it means there will be a record of it."