Diageo has announced two new beers from Guinness’ Open Gate brewery, launching in the UK later this month.

Available in can and bottle formats now, Guinness Open Gate Citra IPA (5% ABV) contains Citra, Centennial and Cascade hops for a fruity and bitter taste. In contrast, Guinness Open Gate Pilsner (4.5% ABV) is dry-hopped with Amarillo and Cascade hops for a citrus and slightly bitter flavour.

Craft and world beers are currently in 15% value growth, performing well ahead of the rest of the category and presenting retailers with a £202m (Kantar Craft Beer Omnibus survey 2017) potential profit opportunity. Yet despite huge interest in craft beer, there are 7.5m people in the UK who are ‘craft-inquisitive’; this means that they mainly drink mainstream beer, are interested in craft, but aren’t buying into it very often (Kantar Craft Beer Omnibus Survey September 2017). This group has three main barriers to purchase: value, confusion over choice, and concerns that the quality will be poor and that the taste will not match their expectations.

Inspired by craft but with the trusted credentials of the Guinness harp, these two new beers will source volume from mainstream beer. The two new offerings from the Open Gate Brewery aim to address the barriers to craft beer and become a ‘gateway range’, giving the 7.5m craft-curious consumers (Kantar Craft Beer Omnibus Survey September 2017) the confidence to venture into alternative flavoursome beer.

Lead brewer Peter Simpson said: “As brewers, our goal is to introduce people to the more flavoursome possibilities of beer.

“It’s no secret that many people are moving away from mainstream beers and seeking more flavoursome options – however this process can be daunting and that’s where our new Open Gate Brewery Citra IPA and Pilsner come in. Consumers won’t have to worry about quality or value issues because they know what they’re drinking has been released under the reliable and recognised Guinness brand.”

Open Gate Brewery Citra IPA will have an RRP of £1.85 for a 330ml bottle, or £6.00 for a 4 pack of 330ml cans. Open Gate Brewery Pilsner will have an RRP of £1.85 for a 650ml bottle, £5 for a 4 pack of 330ml bottles, and £12 for a 12 pack of 330ml bottles.