Captain Morgan will change its name for a range of limited-edition bottles, enabling retailers to tap into the growing personalisation trend.

The iconic Captain Morgan label will replace ‘Morgan’ with seven different names: Drama, Banter, Comedy, Genius, Retro, Clueless and Karaoke, providing consumers with the opportunity to celebrate the unique personalities of those in their friendship ‘crew’.

The launch follows extensive consumer research and trial, which demonstrated strong purchase intent for the new bottles. 76% of consumers surveyed said that they would make the purchase and 82% thought the idea was fun and relevant to them (Research carried out by Join the Dots in GB- September 2017).

Nik Keane, global brand director for Captain Morgan, said: “Captain Morgan is all about the crew. We champion the kind of fun that comes from friends getting together and celebrating who they are. We’re always looking for new ways to engage with consumers and with personalisation becoming an increasingly popular trend, we believe that this campaign provides the relatable and personal experiences they are looking for.

Coupled with the growing popularity of the rum category which has seen 4% YOY growth (Nielsen- value growth vs PY- Jul 2017- Jan 2018), driven by the Captain Morgan brand (Total Trade Nielsen MAT to January 2018), (which is growing 15.9% YOY, Nielsen-value growth vs PY- Jul 2017-Jan 2018), we’re confident that our new limited edition bottles will help retailers boost Captain Morgan sales over the coming months”.

The brand will drive further awareness in store with limited edition POS tools. The launch will also be supported by a through the line campaign, which will see the return of the successful ‘Captain Captain’ TVC, featuring a new 10 second tail promoting the limited edition bottles.