New waste disposal regulations that mean retailers will have to dispose of raw fish and meat in a controlled way from January 1 have been clarified by the European Union.

Measures to prohibit the use of landfill sites when disposing of surplus food of animal origin mean that separate bins will have to be set up and clearly marked by retailers, who will also have to arrange for a separate waste collection.

The ACS believes the clarification of which products need special disposal now means the changes will have only a minor impact on c-store retailers. ACS public affairs and communications manager James Lowman commented: “At the start of this process such items as Crunchy Nut Cornflakes were up for discussion for separate disposal because of their honey content, but now happily only a small percentage of products c-store retailers stock will be affected.”

The regulations cover commercial not domestic waste, so retailers disposing of small quantities of affected food in their bins at home would probably not fall foul of the law.

The Rules:

* Food that cannot go to a landfill and has to be disposed of separately in marked bins includes raw sausages and bacon; frozen raw meat; honey (not as an ingredient); and raw eggs.
* Food that can go to landfill and be disposed of in an ordinary waste disposal bin, but cannot be fed to livestock, includes cooked ham; ready meals; pies and pasties; cooked pies; tinned meat and fish.
* Food that can go to landfill and be fed to livestock includes bakery products and fruit and vegetables.
* Uncooked meat, fish and eggs must be sent to an approved outlet such as rendering plant, incinerator, or pet food plant.