As we all know, this is the time of year when everyone is trying their hardest to stick to a new year's resolution. Consumers everywhere seem to be talking about detoxing and joining the gym in a bid to make themselves feel better after all the excesses of the festive period.

Lots of your customers will be making a conscious effort to start the year eating healthily, even if it lasts only a few weeks. So now really is the time of year for retailers to dedicate time and space to healthy products.

Each year HIM speaks to 28,000 convenience store customers about their buying behaviours as part of the Convenience Tracking Programme. As many as 22% of convenience store customers told us that they would use the store more if it offered more healthy options, 20% of customers would like to see more low-fat options available in stores, and 12% of customers would like more low-salt options stocked. So there is significant demand for healthy products to be sold in store.

Providing a healthier offer such as fresh fruit, smoothies, a juice bar, packs of nuts and seeds and other low-fat snacks will help to improve the overall appeal of your store to customers.

At this time of year, customers may choose the perceivably more healthy soft drink options, too, so there will be a shift towards products such as juices, sports and energy drinks, and more water.

Here are some pointers for retailers to help tip the scales towards healthy profits:

l Make sure that you have a selection of fresh fruit on offer - perhaps a basket of

fruit by the till which can be picked up on impulse at the point of purchase.

l Make sure that you have a suitable range of water and juices and ensure availability at all times of the day

l Can you offer a juice/smoothie bar that will improve the overall appeal of your store?

l Make sure that you have a range of low-fat crisps and snacks on display

l Consider stocking prepared fruit or even a setting up a salad bar for a healthier snacking offer

l Stock detox products.