A poster distributed with this issue of Convenience Store aims to educate shoppers about the duty retailers pay on alcoholic drinks, and urges them to tell Chancellor Alistair Darling that 'enough is enough' ahead of April's Budget.

Organised by C-Store's sister magazine Off Licence News (OLN), the campaign points out that the government already takes 75% of the cost of spirits, 60% of beer and 50% of wine, and plans to increase this in next month's announcement.

OLN editor Rosie Davenport said: "Given the crippling impact duty is having on the trade, and the warnings of what further increases will bring, we felt now was the time to make a stand against the threat of more duty hikes.

"The poster is designed to encourage consumers to text us immediately to say they agree that tax is already high enough."

Retailers are also invited to text support for the campaign.