Putting leading spirits brands on store shelves can improve sales by 29%. That's the verdict of a recent trial by the Federation of Wholesale Distributors' (FWD) Blueprint for Spirits and Fortified Wines. 

The latest trial of Putting Leaders on Display (PLOD), in which the bottles are fitted with a security cap, ran at the Jones Day and Night store in Melksham, Wiltshire, owned by Simon Jones.

Blueprint chairman Alan Toft said: "Selling spirits from open shelves near the till may not be the right thing to do in some shops, but there are thousands of stores where it will be very practical to implement PLOD and it will work."

The FWD has launched the third edition of its Take Home Blueprint scheme for the alcoholic ready-to-drink market. The Blueprint document, which is free to every wholesaler and independent retailer, offers up- to-the-minute advice on the range RTDs of to stock and how to merchandise fixtures.

Toft claimed: "This is a constantly changing category and this latest Blueprint provides advice on offering a standard range while also allowing for the new products that are constantly being introduced."

For the first time the Blueprint will include a page of new products that are not currently featured on the plans but which will soon be introduced to the RTDs market. 

A new edition of the Take Home Blueprint for ales, lagers and ciders will be published in September.