A promotion which offers a free drink via a text message coupon has been well received by retailers who have seen increased footfall as a result.

About 10,000 PayPoint outlets have been supplied with pos material inviting customers to send a text to receive a code number for a free 500ml bottle of Fanta, Sprite or Dr Pepper to their mobile phone. Staff tap the code into the PayPoint terminal under 'first-time tv licence + other' then 'i-movo'.

The retailer then receives payment through PayPoint within a few days.

John Fahota, who runs Select & Save in Birmingham, said: "It's been brilliant - we've given away hundreds of bottles and the interest has brought more people into the store."

The campaign by Coca-Cola Enterprises is the largest yet to involve digital coupons at the c-store till point.

"When retailers accept one of our vouchers, they get paid automatically without any voucher counting or form

filling," said David Tymm of i-movo, the company behind the technology. "Our system is very easy for both brands and retailers to use, with minimal effort on their part."

The campaign will run until mid-June.