Susan Connolly and team at Pewsey Carnival

Family-run Spar stores in Wiltshire honed their sense of community spirit as they recently took to the streets dressed up as ‘Spar-tacas’.

The Connolly family, who run three Spar stores in Wiltshire, collectively took part in the annual Pewsey carnival.

This year the event celebrated its 125th Anniversary and saw 14 members of staff across the three stores dressed up in ancient Roman costumes.

They decided to share joy by giving out 500 cowboy hats along the parade, but little did they anticipate the overwhelming response. The watchers claimed all the hats within 10 minutes and now the team have plans to bring 2,000 hats along with them next year.

The success of the event boosted the morale of the staff members and they already have many more Spar-themed ideas up their sleeves.

Susan Connolly, director of Connolly Spar and main organiser said: ‘’It puts Spar in the heart of the community and a bit of fun for the staff.’’