Scotmid_SCAA charity mascots

Thanks to the generosity of Scotmid, Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA) has been able to purchase new mascots to support their fundraising and public engagement at events throughout the country.

The three paramedic bears and three helicopters are set to become firm favourites with children and adults alike at hundreds of public appearances throughout the year.

Lynne Ogg, Scotmid communities manager (North), explained that the donation had come from the group’s Community Connect scheme, following a vote by Scotmid members.

“We were thrilled to award £15,000 in Community Connect funding to Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance,” she said. “We understand the positive impact mascots can have in raising a charity’s profile and encouraging engagement at events. Scotmid’s own beloved mascot, Cuthbert, can’t wait to meet SCAA’s latest recruits!

“We also want to express our gratitude to SCAA for their commitment to providing critical air ambulance services.”

Ross Martin, SCAA’s corporate partnerships manager, said the charity owed a “huge debt of gratitude” to the Scotmid members who voted to support the life-saving service.

“Mascot costumes are a vital part of our community engagement work and help us to share the story of our charity with people in communities across Scotland,” he said. “This team of six new ‘recruits’ will be working alongside SCAA volunteer and fundraising teams at events, shows, fairs and promotions across Scotland and will hopefully become familiar and much-loved characters.

“SCAA relies entirely on the support and generosity of the people and businesses of Scotland to sustain our vital service and we are grateful to Scotmid and its members for their generous support which has allowed us to create our new mascot workforce.

“They might not be the lifesavers that our frontline helicopters, paramedics and pilots are, but they will help raise awareness of the charity and vital funds which will help ensure SCAA is there for those who need us most.”

The six new mascots will go into immediate service with SCAA, heading off to various parts of Scotland for their debut public appearances.