Innovative Food Waste App Gander

Leading independent retailer Guy Warner

Leading retailer Guy Warner has installed food redistribution technology Gander in his flagship store in Upton-Upon-Severn.

The app can identify reduced food items in local stores in real-time and provides retailers with the ability to sell marked down goods; whilst shoppers who engage with the app are seeing an average saving of 56% per cent on their weekly food shop.

Operations director at Warner’s, Steve Neale, explains why they introduced the technology. “With the current cost of living crisis, customers are more conscious than ever about how much they’re spending on the weekly shop. Implementing Gander’s technology has helped us to drive footfall in store by placing live data on our price reductions into the palm of our customer’s hand. The data that we have been able to gather via the Ganderlytics platform has also given us a great insight into our customers’ shopping habits, enabling us to reduce and shrink our overall food wastage.”

Stacey Williams, head of customer engagement and business development at Gander, said:

“Guy understands the importance of embracing new technology and like our many other retail partners, has taken the ethical step of investing in our tech to help tackle the growing issue of food waste in the food supply chain.”

“Warner’s has a strong commitment to tackling sustainability. There are a huge amount of locally sourced food products, and this is intended to help reduce CO2 emissions. Gander was developed to mitigate the impact of food waste, whist allowing retailers to drive up sell-through rates and consumers to see the cost-saving potential in shopping reduced labels. Reduced price does not mean reduced quality.”