Vape supplier GEEK BAR has urged retailers and consumers to be vigilant against counterfeit products that may be harmful to health.

Commenting after recent testing of illegal vapes which had been purchased in the UK, which revealed that they contained dangerous levels of lead, nickel and chromium, in some cases up to ten times above safe limits. GEEK BAR CEO Allen Yang said it was more important than ever that vapers knew the difference between compliant legal products and potentially deadly illegal ones.

“It is abundantly clear that illegal products, which have undergone no safety checks whatsoever and which could make consumers seriously ill, are currently on the market,” said Yang. “Consumers must be really careful about that they buy and where they buy from. Being offered devices from ‘under the counter’, from random strangers or at a price which seems too good to be true should all set alarm bells ringing.”

Yang also backed proposals from the UK Vaping Industry Association which suggested fines of up to £10,000 for those selling illegal products or selling vapes to children, a licensing scheme which would help fund enhanced Trading Standards enforcement and new powers to allow regulators to screen out child-friendly imagery or packaging as part of the initial approvals process.