Costcutter Supermarkets Group (CSG) has launched audio messaging technology to help drive store visits.


In partnership with mobile adtech firm TabMo, CSG has responded to the increasing use of voice-enabled devices and music streaming apps by adding sound to its programme of mobile advertising.

Shoppers that fit Costcutter’s target audience can be sent an audio ad, together with an on-screen mobile ad banner, while they are listening to mobile music streaming apps.

GPS targeting, combined with the demographics for each individual Costcutter store, also means people are only sent messages when they are in a relevant store location.

A trial of TabMo’s audio messaging technology resulted in 50% of those who engaged with the ad coming into store.

Costcutter marketing director Sean Russell said: “We’re constantly looking at how we can help our retailers thrive. Mobile phones provide unique opportunities to drive store traffic and business value and by working with TabMo, we’ve been able to create fully integrated multi-channel advertising campaigns that are delivering real results for retailers.

“The new technology complements our unique Shopper First: Drive Five to Thrive business growth programme, which provides in-depth shopper insights and data to help tailor every aspect of the store – from range and missions to marketing and in-store execution.”

Commenting on the trial, which took place over the summer, TabMo managing director Chris Childs said: “The campaign reflected the changing way in which mobile devices are used. It was the first time that mobile display and audio ads were combined to drive footfall, by capitalising on the scalable opportunity presented by the rise of voice-enabled devices and the increasing use of music streaming apps.

“Costcutter was rewarded for its commitment to taking an innovative approach, with high listen-to rates and a low cost-per-store visit that demonstrated the campaign’s success in helping to encourage customers into their local Costcutter.”