The Today's Group's strategy to fill the void left by the demise of Oddbins and Threshers is paying dividends, managing director Bill Laird told C-Store.

Since its launch at the end of last year, the Today's Local Drinks format has amassed some 160 stores. "The decline of the likes of Threshers and Oddbins has left a fertile ground for development," he said. "There have been inquiries from people in all these organisations."

The Today's retail club has grown from just under 1,000 members to over 1,200 in the first three months of 2011, with Today's symbol stores totalling about 240 up from just under 200 in November. Laird said the multi-fascia format provided retailers with the flexibility to compete in the future. "There is a lot of interest from small stores in town centres, who perhaps can't cope with changing promotions and so on."

The Group's Plan for Profit (PFP) category advice initiative has now been launched online, providing retailers with "all the tools they need", said John Baines, group trading director. PFP enables retailers to print their own pos.