Wholesale buying groups Sugro UK and the Today's Group have signed a commercial partnership agreement to boost the membership of both organisations.

Today's has joined Sugro, while all members of Sugro have joined the Today's Group. Some individual Sugro wholesalers were already members of Today's, but the addition of the remaining 40 takes the group's combined turnover beyond £6bn.

Today’s Group managing director Bill Laird commented: “Our partnership with Sugro is a highly significant development in a marketplace which is becoming increasingly competitive and polarising as a result of ongoing consolidation. This agreement demonstrates there are still ways to achieve member value and growth in a mature market. We are delighted to welcome all 40 additional Sugro members to Today’s Group and equally we are delighted to join Sugro UK.”

Philip Jenkins, managing director of Sugro UK, added: “This is a fantastic move for both Sugro UK and the Today’s Group as it further strengthens our rapidly developing businesses in a very competitive market place, while delivering additional benefits to our members. I believe it clearly states our joint ambitions to generate maximum growth for our business and the independent wholesale and retail sector in general.”