The Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) is seeking to break new ground with the launch of a super low value ‘little cigar’ that will offer adult smokers an even cheaper alternative to value priced cigarettes.

Set to hit gantries in mid-May, Break Little Cigars feature an inbuilt filter with an Ecuador wrapper made of natural tobacco leaf.

They are almost the same size and weight as traditional cigarettes and will be sold in flip top boxes of 17 with an rrp of just £4.59 – currently the cheapest price per stick within both the cigar and cigarette categories.

Break Little Cigars will also be available in both price marked and non-price marked packs and will offer retailers margins of 10% and more.

Three variants will be on offer: Silver (smooth flavour), Blue (full flavour) and Menthol.

STG recommends that they be stocked alongside value priced cigarettes and roll your own.   

As a specialist category, cigars are currently exempt from the new EU Tobacco Products Directive regulations which seek to ban menthol and packs of less than 20.

The Little Cigars category is currently the fastest growing tobacco sub-category in Europe with 3.45bn sold in 2013.